The Kickstarter


In order to determine market feasibility, we ran a Kickstarter from 3/14 (Pi Day) - 5/4 (Force Day) in 2016. The result was 300+ backers helping us raise over 4,000% of our goal!




The Bag

This drawstring bag looks classy on the outside and inside! Iit has 6 compartments to hold your d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 types of dice. It also has a flat space inside that is usable for storing a miniature during transport, or as a contained space for rolling dice during games. The standard d-Bag holds 10 sets, and has room!!
The GM version holds a "pitcher of dice" that comes out to about 3lb or about 54 sets


The Story


I love to play D&D with friends and my husband, but he plays a wizard; and digging through a bag for 3 d4 in the middle of combat... that sucks. You can dump out all the dice but... but then you've just opened up a world of cat or kid shaped pain, and even if you live cat or kid free, who wants to play "Where's Waldo" with a bunch of dice?


Valentines day, I decided to get him a new dice bag, something better, but all the bags were the same. So I looked at other options. Some gamers tote around a plastic organizer... But it needs to be flat and takes up valuable table space. 

I couldn't find a dice bag (or box) I liked, so I decided I would have to make one.


I based my design on old compartalize nail bags. After many pattern attempts, I found something that worked and with a few tweeks, I ended up with the d-Bag. He loved it! It went everywhere, and our friends started asking about getting their own, after about a year of this I have launched a Kickstarter and hope to be opening a store soon!


Oh! You know what else takes a lot of dice? The Fantasy Flight Star Wars "Edge of the Empire" system! Guess what?... It has 6 common dice types (plus the Force Die but you can just place that in the figurine section). Ya we play a lot of RPGs :)





The d-Bag



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