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Ketherian - My bag arrived today! It's gorgeous and works beautifully! I will no longer confuse my tea-box with my dice box. Nor will I ever not have enough dice at a game. :D 


Mitchell - I got my d-Bag and it is great. Well worth it. Your D-Bags looks even better. Thanks for your work. Best wishes from Switzerland


Nicola - Got my bag today. Love it! Even better than I was expecting - so glad I backed this on an impulse.


SM - Received my bag and it is better than I expected. Please keep us posted  as I will be considering these for future gifts-some for others, some for me :) 


Danny - Got my bag yesterday, didnt know what black w gold overlay was going to look like, but I'm a Saints fan so... It is gorgeous! So happy with this! It holds a crap ton of dice too! Each side pocket easily holds 12x 16mm d6s (could likely hold 18 or 20) or 36x 12mm d6s. The main compartment will hold an additional 80+ 12mm d6s, and when closed it feels about 80% full and dice stay in their pockets. Amazeballs! Super happy backer here!


Steven - I just received my bags today. Holy quality batman. These things are gorgeous. Thank you so much, I will cherish these.


Phoenixphire - I got my bag yesterday and it's SOOOOOOO awesome. I can't wait to show it off on D&D night! I have a regular d-bag and I fit 20 full sets in mine.



Daisy Ramirez - Bag arrived today and it looks awesome, a majority of my dice fit inside.


Rthulhu- argh stop tempting me with these gorgeous gorgeous bags


KILLuminati - What black magic is this!


David M - ohhhh shit those interior compartments, I think I'm in love

A new kind of dice bag, with individual compartments for d-4's, d-6's, d-8's, d-10's, d-12's, and d-20's...

It's the d-bag!






The d-Bag



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